Hondo, (San Antonio) Texas Regional Operations Ctr. 

Chief Aviation Operations Officer                        Director of Aviation Operations ( part 95 & 121)
Chief Pilot (part 95 & 121)Chief Inspector(part 95 & 121)
Director of Safety (part 95 & 121)Director of Aviation Maintenance ( part  95 &121)
Flight Training Manager Director of Education
Community Programs ManagerCorporate Training Manager
Executive Administrative AssistantsAdministrative Assistants
Graphics Artist (Adobe CSS)Radio & Satcom Technicians III
C-130 Pilots (contract)C-130 engineers (contract)
UH-60A Pilots(contract)Cessna Citation X Pilots(will train CJ rated pilots)
Camera / Grip / Assistant Editor (Avid or Adobe CSS)IT Technican III
Material Handlers / Expediters

Wings CRS is accepting resumes for consideration for these listed positions.

Please submit your resume  to 

HR@wings-crs.org  or please use the convenient button




Hello, my name is Sir Michael Walters, CEO & President of Wings CRS and I and my team welcome you to this exciting new humanitarian mission ! Taking catastrophe response, and prevention to the next level to save more lives is not only my mission, but my personal passion. Over the next 36 months Wings plans to create a team of  over 10,000 people worldwide to serve in this exciting life-saving mission. Wings CRS is "veteran driven" , but no matter whether you are civilian or a military veteran and you are mission-driven and you have a passion to serve, please send your resume for consideration, and thank you from the Wings CRS team!

​​This could be where you find your place to lead the world. 

Applicants should be self-starters, problem solvers, and mission focused. Wings CRS is a VET FIRST & EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER and offers excellent salaries and benefits. Military veterans with experience in the areas of airlift operations, trauma medical, search and rescue, logistics and communications are highly encouraged to apply.​ ​​