Rapid Response

Our primary mission is to save lives, with our mandate to reach any catastrophic affected area in under 6 hours with a significantly equipped, self-contained response consisting of highly trained and experienced teams, state of the art equipment and supplies, all launched from four strategically positioned regional centers across the world and mobile depots.

Fatalities are not always the result of the onset of the catastrophe but in most cases are a result of shock, exposure, and dehydration. Through WINGS CRS plan to provide a rapid response, we can see countless more lives will be saved than possible before.

Disaster  Prevention 

We can't always stop natures wrath, but we can help prevent disasters from placing people into needless peril. Our Constructed Solutions Group  is one solution employing planners, engineers, and architects to work proactively with member nations to provide pre-emptive engineered solutions to prevent death and destruction. Wings CRS is also implementing a Meteorology Group, deploying more doppler radar sites around the globe, and implement in-house forecasting and real-time weather warnings to areas of our world deficient in providing warnings of imminent weather threats.

Medical missionS

Fortunately large disasters do not strike every day. The WINGS program will seasonally rotate one-third of our medical teams to serve in our ongoing medical mission program which will provide needed care to impoverished populations. This provides not only an emotional break for the response teams. but it allows the teams the opportunity to continue to refine their skills while rebuilding lives and entire communities through advanced healthcare.