Rapid Response

Our primary mission is to save lives, and our mandate is to reach any catastrophic affected area in under 6 hours with a significantly equipped self-contained response consisting of highly trained and experienced teams, state of the art equipment and supplies,launched from four strategically positioned regional centers across the world.

Fatalities are not always the result of the onset of the catastrophe but in most cases are a result of shock, exposure, and dehydration. Through WINGS CRS plan to provide a rapid response, we can see, countless more lives will be saved than ever before.

Disaster  Prevention 

We can't always stop nature but we can help prevent disasters from placing populations in needless peril. Our Constructed Solutions Group will employ planners, civil engineers, and architects to work proactively with member nations to provide real pre-emptive solutions which reduce the deadly effects disasters can bring upon populations, and as a result save lives before disasters strike. And after disasters occur, Wings Constructed Solutions Group will work to rebuild communities in a responsible, sustainable way.

Medical mission

Fortunately disasters do not strike every day. The WINGS program will seasonally rotate one-third of our medical teams to serve in our medical mission program which will provide ongoing care to impoverished populations. This provides not only an emotional break for the medical personnel but allows them to continue to hone their skills and save lives while rebuilding lives and entire communities through advanced healthcare.